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Looking for something fun in Hoi An? Look no further!













Welcome to Vietnam's #1 Rated Escape Room


A live-action theatrical game where YOU are the main character.



2-7 players will be locked in a room that they won’t be able to escape from until they've solved enough puzzles to unlock every last lock in the place – and there are loads. Fast-paced, challenging and intuitive, even teams who don’t get out in time will have plenty to celebrate.



Our room is themed to an extent that no other game we've experienced has managed, with an innuendo-drenched storyline woven throughout the clues, a mannequin-spattered spooky set and a creepily convincing performance from our actors.





This is sure to be an adventure unlike anything you've done before. We guarantee two things: 1. you will have fun 2. you will be scared! 

Do you have what it takes??


We believe in offering our customers a thrilling memory which will last a lifetime! We give you the opportunity to focus your brain power in ways you never thought possible. We pride ourselves on offering every customer the opportunity to step outside of the "normal" everyday life and into a realm that will have you begging to get out. Welcome to Escape iQ Hoi An!